The Issues

The Issues

Once I am elected, I will vote to have transparency and accountability at City Hall, which will include enacting public comment for all Cleveland residents. I will work with City Council on passing legislation that will bring job opportunities and training directly to Ward 8. I will propose and support a co-responder model regarding public safety that would give options for emergency situations to dispatch the proper department to come and assist residents, whether it be Fire, Police, EMS or Mental Health.

Public Comment

Transparency and Accountability is a vital part of American democracy. We, as Clevelanders, should have the opportunity to address those in leadership publicly and openly.

City Council must be transparent and must be held accountable for decisions made on behalf of the people of Cleveland. The only way to truly make the best decisions for the people of Cleveland is to get input from the people of Cleveland. The peoples’ experiences matter and should influence the decisions made for them.

My plan:

To encourage and invoke transparency and accountability by enacting the rights of Cleveland residents to have public comment at meetings.

Redevelopment and Revitalization

Ward 8 has some of the most beautiful streets and some of the most beautiful people. As a part of my plan to revitalize and redevelop the community while bringing more job opportunities for the residents of Ward 8 to be able to work where they live, I will work with the residents and stakeholders to not just beautify Ward 8, but to sustain Ward 8’s beauty.

My plan:

To revitalize our ward in appearance and services resulting in bringing businesses and residents back to the ward. Which will provide residents with job opportunities.

To revitalize by bringing redevelopment that will highlight mixed income housing, add programming that centers health, wellness, community relationships, arts and culture within the beautiful Collinwood Recreation Center.

To focus on the sustainability of beautification and not just beautification projects.

Public Safety

Public Safety and Police Reform are very important issues to face and to rectify in our communities. Having a solution-driven approach while upholding the needs and concerns of the community is imperative when facing such issues. We need to restructure the way policing is done within our communities. Once elected, I’ll work with the city, the people of Cleveland, and my colleagues to enact legislation that will expand the services provided to those in emergencies. The purpose of this legislation will be to minimize unnecessary police encounters and allow for law enforcement to operate in a more efficient manner.

My plan:

To launch and/or support community led committees that will provide oversight and to improve the quality of policing, through charter amendments.

To make recommendations for policy and practices that will enhance police and community cooperation.

To move and reassign much of the work that police presently do that is unrelated to criminal activity to unarmed safety responders with specific training for these non-criminal activities.

To redesign the 911 dispatch service to allow the right service to be deployed for each call for assistance.

Develop and support independent crisis intervention teams to respond to noncriminal emergencies such as mental health, substance abuse homelessness and code enforcement issues that do not require armed police interaction.

To address the excessive trend of gun violence through gun safety training, education and crime prevention.

Public Health

There are many aspects of public health that need work. In a time where people are unable to feed their families and pay their bills, their very last worry should be of having access to affordable health care and quality health care facilities. I will vote in favor of the people and will work to enact solutions that will positively affect Cleveland for the better.

My plan:

To address the lack of access to fresh food markets within walking distance for all Ward 8 residents.

To ensure that nutritional programs are available (i.e. fresh produce giveaways)

To create, update and sustain an agricultural atmosphere within the neighborhoods of Ward 8.

To address the excessive trend of gun violence through gun safety training, education and crime prevention.


"I believe locally that public unrest, referendums, low voter participation, and political corruption are born out of the citizens not having a voice. 

The people want to be heard. Let's change policy and let's change people. And for the People, I will!!"