A Better Cleveland For All

A Better Cleveland for All is a political action committee (PAC) organized by Cleveland residents who are members of the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus (CCPC). We believe our current city government lacks the leadership and vision to address the issues it faces. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping progressive candidates run for city office in the 2021 municipal elections and beyond.

Aisia was endorsed in the first round of endorsements. Click here to visit their website and see other candidates that they've endorsed.


Black Women's PAC

The purpose of this organization is to ensure the participation of Black women at political, economic and social levels, and to promote and facilitate participation in the government process.

Aisia was endorsed in September. Click here to visit their website.


Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus

CCPC is the Northeast Ohio Affiliate of Our Revolution. They seek to educate, organize, and mobilize their grassroots networks brought together by the progressive political revolution of 2016, to ensure that their call for change can manifest into thoughtful and tangible action. 

Aisia was endorsed in August 2021. Click here to visit CCPC's website.


Matriots PAC

The Matriots PAC is a nonpartisan political action committee dedicated to supporting, endorsing, and encouraging Ohio women candidates. Matriots envisions a future where women have equal power and influence.

View Aisia's profile on the Matriots website here.


Our Revolution (Ohio)

Our Revolution (Ohio)​ is an organization dedicated to developing a grassroots movement to build progressive powerhouses, elect progressive champions, and to transform the party.

Aisia was endorsed by Our Revolution (Ohio) in August. Click here to visit their website.


Run For Something

Run for Something is a progressive American political organization dedicated to recruiting and supporting young candidates running for down-ballot office. Its mission is to get young progressive candidates from non-traditional backgrounds to run for and win state and local offices, and create a next generation slate of political candidates that will seek higher office in the future.

Aisia was endorsed in the May 2021 class. Read more about the class here.


SEIU - Local 1

Service Employees International Union Local 1 unites 50,000 working people throughout the Midwest including janitors, security officers, higher education faculty, school custodians, food service workers and more.

Aisia was endorsed in August 2021. Visit the SEIU Local 1's website here.


Working Families Party (OH)

Working Families Party is a growing progressive political organization that fights for an economy that works for everyone, and a democracy in which every voice matters. They believe that our children’s life chances must not be determined at birth, and that America must be a nation that allows all its people to thrive.

Aisia was endorsed in September 2021. Visit the WFP's website here.


Citizens for a Safer Cleveland

Citizens for a Safer Cleveland supports an amendment that would ensure independent oversight of investigations into police misconduct, and gives final authority on discipline decisions to a board of community leaders.

Aisia endorsed this ballot initiative in May. To learn more about it, visit their website here.

safer cle.png

Participatory Budgeting Cleveland

Participatory Budgeting Cleveland is calling for the residents to have a say in how the $512 million in federal recovery aid is spent. PB CLE Is a parallel effort from Clevelanders for Public Comment.

Aisia joined five other City Council candidates in supporting PB CLE's ask. Read the letter that was sent to the Mayor and City Council here.

pb cle.jpg

Public Comment

Public comment is the ability​ of the people to provide feedback to the people making decisions. Currently, Cleveland City Council doesn't have a public comment period, so the people's voices aren't being heard.

Aisia voiced her support for public comment in February. To learn more about it, visit their website here.

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